Cycling around the Tatry Mountains

Cycling around the Tatry Mountains

This year I decided to cycle around Tatry Mountains. It took me a while to get there, but it was really worth it.

If you haven't noticed already I'm a big fan of cycling. Together with my friend Michał, we planned this trip for quite a while and on the 11th of June, we went to Nowy Targ to start our trip. We followed the track created by Paweł and Anita.

Day 1

After breakfast, we jumped on our bicycles and started our ride toward Dolny Kubin. What surprised me the most was the quality of the bike path. It was separated from the road, asphalt, and full of other cyclists. Using it we crossed the border and started our ride in Slovakia.

What we learned pretty quickly was the fact the Polish part was more flat. In Slovakia, real riding has begun.

We finished our day at the Penzion Kuria, where we could eat a great dinner and rest.

See what the day looked like on Relieve.

Day 2

While the first day wasn't that difficult, the second day started a very steep ride. We slowly reached the top and were rewarded with a long ride downhill. While the rest of the road was much easier the weather started getting worse. We were racing against those clouds and when we thought we won - 2-3km before the end we had to find someplace to hide.

When we arrived at Penzion Veronika in Strba we were greeted by the most lovely owners and Harry the dog. We were greeted with a drink and some hot soup.

See what the day looked like on Relieve.

Day 3

That day didn't start too well. We had some small technical problems and we had to travel 15km to some bigger city to eat something. After that 15 km, we were hungry and decided to eat at the first place available - a small kebab place. It was the worst decision we made - we felt those kebabs for a whole day.

The most difficult part of that day was the long climb. While it wasn't too steep but it was very long and the kebab didn't make it any easier. In the end, we reached Zdiar. There were two downsides there - the Penzion Perla Aqua wasn't the worst place we slept in and we had the pleasure to share with some drunk Polish tourists.

On the other hand - The dumplings with Bryndza in the nearby restaurant were amazing.

See what the day looked like on Relieve.

Day 4

After a short (but steep) climb, we had a very long ride down. 2 km later we were back in Poland. Thanks to our drivers we quickly realized that we were not in Slovakia anymore - it became more dangerous. Luckily the end was near and we were able to reach Nowy Targ in one piece.

See what the day looked like on Relieve.


If you follow me on social media you probably know that I'm a coffee maniac. The fact we had a limited amount of space on our bikes didn't stop us from drinking quality coffee. Here is what we took:

  • a Comandante grinder

  • pack of Johan and Nystrom coffee

  • 2 Keepcups

  • The Gabi Master A Coffee Dripper

  • Pourigami (that we didn't use)

And believe me - J&N coffee after a long climb is the best coffee in the world.

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